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A Lego Brickumentary

Enjoyable for documentary lovers of any age, 2015's A LEGO BRICKUMENTARY is a fun & fascinating look at that little brick with global appeal.

The film is a fast moving blend of history of the company from its creation in a garage to the massive brand that covers the world, along with its impact on pop culture.

Jason Bateman (with a Lego version of him on screen) narrates the film with plenty of humor, bouncing back and forth between several stories.

One thread watches the finalists in a competition for the best new independent idea for a Lego set, which the company will then manufacture.

Another follows the company as they assemble the biggest Lego Model ever made, a life-size Star Wars X-wing that is destined for exhibition in Times Square.

Lastly, the film documents many Lego fans of all ages, immersing you in their world. Some of the massive cities they create, including a giant model of a Lord of The Rings city are jaw dropping in their attention to detail.

These Lego people are a passionate lot!

There's also a fascinating business lesson being told as well. Executives recall how they almost lost the company a decade ago when outside consultants had them so convinced to abandon their base that they nearly lost everything.

How they have bounced back and the level at which they listen to their loyal consumers now tells quite a tale.

Plenty of fun and well crafted, A LEGO BRICKUMENTARY made me laugh while raising an eyebrow at some of these folks. I learned quite a bit along the way too.

I'm not sure any of it will do me any good, but what the hell, I had a good time and I'll give it a well assembled B.

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