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A Fish Called Wanda

1988's A FISH CALLED WANDA is hilarious! Jamie Lee Curtis is at the top of her 80's stardom as Wanda, a thief working with Kevin Kline and Michael Palin on a diamond heist. As their post robbery plans fall apart, famous barrister Archie (John Cleese) is drawn into their web with laugh-a-minute results. Cleese and Palin achieve Python level laughs with great physical comedy and word play. Palin's stuttering Ken is brilliant as his assassination plot against an old woman who witnessed their crime goes very, very badly for the animal lover, Ken. This is one of Kline's funniest roles and he makes every line count (K-K-K Ken is trying to K-K-K kill me!). Cleese is endearing and brilliant in his best role. Watch his face when Otto pops up in his home unexpectedly as a CIA agent. Cleese's expressions while Kline is talking to his wife are worth the price of admission. The slowest approach to revenge in the history of film (using a steamroller), Archie's clever use of a portrait and Kline's devouring of an aquarium full of fish are all memorable moments! Adult, hilarious and a big hit, A FISH CALLED WANDA is quite a catch that we'll award an A.

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