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Talk about a RUSH!

This little seen, superb film from 2013 tells the story of the unbelievable but true rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl).

The two men are both brilliant drivers emerging from the lesser ranks of racing and making their name in Formula One, but in very different styles.

James Hunt is all brash, dashing, hard partying and risk taking bravado, while Lauda is methodical, precise and impersonal.

Hemsworth and Bruhl are both great in their roles.

This true history of the amazing 1976 racing season is fast and furious, action-filled and a lot of fun. As Lauda experiences a horrific crash but is determined to return to the track immediately, the men's respect for each other grows and the race for the season's victory grows even tighter, coming down to the last race of the season.

Director Ron Howard (Apollo 13, The DaVinci Code) puts some of his best work on display in RUSH, it's too bad so few folks have seen the film.

The special effects are superb as every moment looks like you are at the actual events depicted. We are not buried in CGI effects, but seemingly watching real events and racing from every angle, including behind the wheel.

If you are a race fan, this film must be heaven. My interest in racing sports of any kind ranks around zero, but a great story is a great story and RUSH delivers with speed and style. At the finish line, it gets a solid A.

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