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1977's ORCA was schlocky producer Dino De Laurentiis's answer to the box office success of JAWS two years before. I have great memories of seeing this at the big old Palms theatre on Central and Camelback in Phoenix, but alas, those memories can't save this poorly conceived mess. Richard Harris stars as a fisherman who accidentally harpoons a female killer whale, who promptly gives birth on the deck of his boat as they hoist her onto the vessel. (Yes, its as gross as it sounds). Her mate watches this all with a wet, evil eye and promptly starts his revenge against Harris. This is one goofy movie. Charlotte Rampling is the scientist who goes from hating Harris to falling for him for not other reason than its convenient to the plot and Will Sampson is Umilak, the native voice of reason. This used to be a guilty pleasure, now its just plain goofy. Any movie where a killer whale knocks the supports out from underneath a house so Bo Derek can slide down near the water and get her leg bit off can't be ALL bad! Boring and silly....a waterlogged D.

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