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When I heard about TAG, I couldn't think of one reason why I'd want to see it, save a terrific cast. But the story?

It's based on a true life group of friends who have been playing the same game of tag all over the country for the month of May...for decades!

A movie about tag? What's next, a thrilling drama about hopscotch?

Well damned if this isn't a pretty funny movie.

Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover) is Hoagie, the man child who's determined to tag his friend since childhood that he's never managed to touch, Jerry.

Jeremy Renner (The Avengers, Wind River) is hilarious as Jerry, part action hero, all perfection and about to get married to his flawless fiance Susan (Leslie Bibb from Ironman).

Jon Hamm is successful businessman Bob, whose devotion to the game is laughingly ego driven. Lil Rel Howery (Get Out) is laugh-out-loud funny as Reggie, and Hannibal Burress steals the movie as Sable, whose quiet asides to his friends provide some of the loudest laughs.

Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) is Hoagie's wife Anna, whose unbridled passion for the game puts the guys to shame and Jake Johnson (New Girl) is stoner perfection as Chilli, whose paranoia and conspiracy theories keep the laughs coming.

These friends play tag for keeps, breaking and entering, staging Predator-like ambushes in the woods and surprise attacks at every conceivable location.

It sounds dumb, but its consistently funny, managing to lift the action beyond slapstick while still providing laugh filled fights, chases and intrigue.

When the filmmakers switch from adult humor to drama, its a bit of a stretch, but with this cast, it pretty much works because you've been beaten senseless with so many laughs.

I had a really good time watching TAG.

Rarely predictable with a terrific cast (watch for Nora Dunn, Carrie Brownstein and Rashida Jones, they make the most of funny, smaller roles) it's a surprisingly enjoyable adult comedy.

Watch during the end credits for some actual video featuring the real-life players and their endless game.

Ok, I watched it and give it a B. Boom, your turn, You're IT.....

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