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Even John Wayne got his "Dirty Harry" on in 1974 with "McQ". Wayne more than pulls off the role of Lon McQ, a longtime police lieutenant investigating the death of a long time friend and partner. As Wayne digs deeper into the case, it soon appears that he may have as many enemies within as outside the Seattle police force. Some early seventies hippies and pimp-a-licous outfits notwithstanding, McQ is a pretty good 70's thriller with a KILLER Firebird Trans Am, some terrific chases through Seattle and a strong action climax on the beach between Wayne and two other cars full of bad guys. Directed by John Sturges (Ice Station Zebra) and co-starring 70's character faves Eddie Albert, Diana Muldaur and Clu Gulager, McQ rocks a great music score by Elmer Bernstein and blasts its way to a B.

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