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700 Sundays (Broadway)

HBO has been a good friend to fans of one-person Broadway shows for years, capturing live performances for folks that can't get to NYC to enjoy them. One of their best is Billy Crystal's 700 SUNDAYS.

Filmed in 2013 at the Imperial Theatre, Crystal is at his funniest and most charming as he relates stories of the approx 700 Sundays that he had with his father.

Crystal manages to create people from his childhood as flesh and blood characters, driving plenty of laughs and some genuine tears as he shares stories of family, friendship, youth and the loss of his father, Jack, when Billy was 15.

As he relates his formative years, you can see where his love of theatre, baseball and comedy emerge from, eventually creating one of our best comedic minds. Crystal's a gifted physical comedian too and puts those gifts to good work here.

Fast paced, witty and truly enjoyable, Tony award winner 700 SUNDAYS goes by like 700 seconds and gets an A.

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