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22 Jump Street

The inherent problem with any comedy sequel is that it's hard to make people laugh at the same thing twice. Consider that problem solved.

22 JUMP STREET very cleverly and blatantly lays out that every sequel sucks and they are going to defy that by delivering exactly the same film as last time, just bigger, better and funnier. And damned if they dont pretty much succeed.

The budget's bigger and you see every bit of it on screen surrounding our two stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as Schmidt & Jenko, this time in college instead of high school, but chasing down another drug ring (just like last time).

Ice Cube is back as their boss, calling out their outrageously bigger digs across the street from the last station and keeping the boys in line.

Tatum and Hill are damn funny, from the opening scenes facing off against a drug gang and an aggressive octopus, through the action filled spring break conclusion.

Special kudos to Jillian Bell, who steals every scene she's in as an aggressive suitor of Hill's.

Anna Feris, Dave Franco, Patton Oswalt and Rob Riggle all supply plenty of laughs in small roles.

Bad trip drug scene? Check. Separation of the buddies that tests their friendship? Check.

Action packed finale that dwarfs the original? Check.

Want to see how to make a comedy sequel that doesn't disappoint? Check out 22 JUMP Street. For extra laughs, the filmmakers close the movie by showing fake previews for the next 20 or so films, taking our police duo to ten different towns and outer space. Damn funny, with plenty of great cameos to boot.

22 gets a laugh filled B.

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