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World War Z

If you like non-stop suspense, great story telling and fantastic action set-pieces, WORLD WAR Z is the zombie gift that keeps on giving.

Brad Pitt stars as retired UN soldier Gerry Lane, who has quit to spend time with his wife ("The Killing's" great Marielle Enos) and daughters.

Moments after the film begins, the Lane family is in a traffic jam in downtown Philadelphia that spirals in sheer moments to an end of the world event.

A fast spreading virus turns people into fast moving, ravenous zombies 12 seconds after they are bit, creating massive hordes of killing machines after every uninfected citizen.

Producer and star Brad Pitt is at the height of his powers here and is excellent in what could have been a throwaway action role.

Director Marc Forster does his best work in Z, driving one awesome action sequence after another, enabled by a strong screenplay by Lost's Damon Lindelof and first class special effects. If Forster had brought half this much energy to his 007 film "Quantum of Solace", that might have been a much better film!

This is the thinking man's "The Walking Dead" and the filmmakers understand that the more we care about the characters, the more we care about IF they make it down that long dark hallway or up to the roof of that apartment building to be rescued by helicopter.

The Israel sequence and airborne breakout sequence are perfect action sequences you have to see to believe.

I could complain about how the film bears very little resemblance to the Max Brooks novel of the same name, but when an action movie is THIS GOOD, this exciting and this enjoyable, why complain?

An amazing, riveting and insanely suspenseful movie experience, Z gets a big capital A.

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