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Used Cars

Before he was well known, Director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Castaway) paired up with producer Steven Spielberg and took a stab at wild adult slapstick comedy with 1980's USED CARS.

Kurt Russell is Rudy Russo, the smarmiest, sleaziest used car salesman to ever walk the Earth. When the owner of the dealership, Roy Fuchs (Jack Warden, hilarious) dies under questionable circumstances, Rudy and his misfit sales staff go to great lengths to keep the dealership open and hide Roy's death.

Across the street, Roy's brother Luke Fuchs (Warden, hilarious again in a dual role) schemes to take over his brother's lot.

As they escalate TV ad campaigns to bury each other featuring everything from the President to nude strippers, the laughs pile up as fast as the car crashes.

A galaxy of 80's comedy TV vets from Michael McKean, Joe Flaherty, Al Lewis and Bud Taylor turn up to add to the laughs and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Kurt Russell holds the whole thing together with one of his funniest performances.

The laughs are broad, the ties are wide, the cars are crap and they throw everything but the kitchen sink at the wall, and a lot of it sticks!

Remember, $50 bucks never killed anybody!!!!

Next time you want to revel in bad taste, buy yourself some USED CARS, it's a solid B+ (if you buy it today....)

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