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To Catch a Thief

Hitchcock films range the gamut from serious & horrifying to lightweight, but he's rarely directed a film more fun and enjoyable than 1955's TO CATCH A THIEF.

Cary Grant plays retired jewel thief John Robie. He hasn't stolen a thing in years, living a luxurious life in the south of France in a hillside villa.

When a series of bold cat burglar thefts begin in France, the police arrive immediately at his door and Robie decides to partner with an insurance investigator to track down the real thief.

Cary Grant is pitch perfect as Robie, one of the smoothest gentlemen ever on screen and clearly the inspiration for everyone from Connery's Bond to George Clooney's Ocean's Eleven films. Witty, intelligent and quick, Robie/Grant is an all time great.

He meets his match in Hitchcock's most beautiful leading actress, Grace Kelly. She plays Frances Stevens, vacationing with her uber wealthy mother Jessie (the terrific Jessie Royce Landis, whom I've never seen in any other film, but nails this role!) in and around France.

Loaded with jewels, the Stevens mother and daughter are a ripe target for the real burglars greed and Robie's attention.

John Williams is a lot of fun as Insurance investigator Hughson, a game Q to Grant's 007.

Grace Kelly might be the most beautiful actress of all time. Watch this film and try and argue, she's a WOW!

Great location photography, a clever screenplay by John Michael Hayes (Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much) and excellent direction from Hitch, who delivers one of the most enjoyable films in his legacy with this massive hit.

The mystery isn't that hard to solve (although I guessed wrong) but the road to get to the reveal is never less than perfectly paved.

Grant, Kelly and Hitch get an A+.

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