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This Means War

Every once in awhile, I find a movie that I definitely disagree with the critics on. While they hated this one, I really enjoyed every minute of it! Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are unexpectedly hilarious as best friends and CIA agent partners who end up both pursuing Reese Weatherspoon as a love interest.

Pine is really hilarious here and his timing is great, he had me laughing out loud a lot! Tom Hardy (coming in July as Batman's foe) shows great range here too with nice comic and drama touches. SURE it's predictable, far-fetched and completely unbelievable, but its also funny, fast paced and has great action sequences.

Reese Weatherspoon plays sexier than we have seen her before and wears it well. I can't remember a better couples movie than this. As far as the critics go, they gave it about a D average and I am giving it a solid B, so I guess THIS MEANS WAR!

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