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The Wave

Ready for a pulse pounding, exciting, smart disaster movie? Check out the hit Norwegian film THE WAVE.

Kristian is a geologist wrapping up his stint leading a scientific team monitoring massive mountains in the glacier territory of Norway.

Nearly 100 years ago, a massive landslide slipped into the narrow fjord below, causing a massive tsunami over 250ft high.

As Kristian wraps up his stint and prepares to move his family to a new job at an oil company, he is troubled by unusual readings within the mountain signalling another potential slide.

Kristian's wife Idun manages the local hotel, while his teenage son battles the move and his young daughter happily goes along for the ride.

More clever than the typical disaster flick, the story is suspenseful, well written and filled with family dynamics that make the consequences much more dramatic when all hell breaks loose.

The entire town has ten minutes to get to higher ground once the landslide happens and director Roar Uthaug unspools those ten minutes with incredible tension.

The special effects are terrific, the damage astonishing on a grand and & small scale and Kristian's quest to reconnect with his family is incredibly suspenseful and perfectly told.

Imagine "Earthquake" with an intelligent screenplay and superb acting and you have this terrific action film.

Film buffs will see references to "The Abyss", "Earthquake" and "The Poseidon Adventure", mixed in with a strong family drama.

It's a Norweigan film with subtitles, but don't let that scare you off. Terrific action speaks all languages and this is a great cast.

The Wave knocked me over and gets a powerful A.

Check it out!!!!

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