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The Silencers

So many memories of my Dad and I watching the Dean Martin/Matt Helm movies together it's hard to watch this goofy 1966 spy genre hit and not smile.

Our American response to the huge success of the Bond pictures, this is the first of Martin's four films as Matt Helm, who loves the ladies, gets the bad guys and seemingly never goes anywhere without bourbon and a cigarette.

This was another era, where all the women are in bikinis or pajamas or soon will be. It's not politically correct but some of the stars (Cyd Charisse, Daliah Levi) are just plain sexy and beautiful and call back a different time at the movies.

Stella Stevens is hilarious & stunning as a bumbling spy (?) who is as accident prone as she is gorgeous.

Dean is at his charming best in his first shot at the role. By the time he is driving in his car smoking a cigarette and drinking bourbon while he drives, you realize things have changed in the past nearly 50 years.....

There are plenty of moments that have been well parodied in the Austin Powers movies, and they are nicely played for laughs here too. (Beverly Adams stars as Dean's assistant Lovey Kravesit. Yep, its subtle...)

Goofy, silly fun with one hilarious joke at Frank Sinatra's expense, THE SILENCERS gets a sexy sixties B. Followed by a sequel "Murderers Row".

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