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The Santa Clause

Tim Allen hit movie franchise gold with his 1994 hit THE SANTA CLAUSE. Funny, heartfelt and full of Allen’s patented sarcastic wit, it’s become a holiday favorite around our house.

Allen stars as Scott Calvin, a divorced dad of 6-year-old Charlie. Charlie’s new stepdad (90’s fave Judge Reinhold) is insisting on telling the youngster that Santa isn’t real, much to Scott’s horror.

When Scott mistakenly causes Santa to have an accident at his home on Christmas Eve, he’s suddenly swept off in the sleigh to deliver the rest of the gifts and then dropped at the North Pole.

The Elves tell him that he is now Santa Clause.

There are plenty of laughs as Scott does everything that he can to deny the role, but soon finds himself pretty jolly and plump.

The last half hour slips into “Mrs. Doubtfire” territory as a divorce judge decides that Scott is delusional and not a fit parent. Before the film can become too maudlin, a flock of flying elves and a very primed new Santa arrive to the rescue.

Allen is always fun and hits his stride here, delivering in his dramatic moments along with the scenes of physical comedy. His double takes are world class.

On repeat viewings, we realized that there are elves sprinkled throughout the movie, even before Scott becomes Santa. Watch for the little blonde girl walking away from the window at the start of the film, the little boy putting on his red scarf in Denny’s, at the soccer game. It’s a fun touch in a Christmas movie full of them.

A huge hit in 1994, it grossed nearly $200 million at the box office and generated two sequels. “Santa Clause 2” in 2002 and “Santa Claus 3” in 2006.

The original is a lot of holiday fun, earning a tinsel covered B.

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