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The Raid 2

One of the best action sequels and pure adrenaline action movies of all time, THE RAID 2 is a non-stop thrill ride.

After the worldwide success of Writer/Director Gareth Evans original "The Raid" in which he trapped detectives inside a massive tenement building filled with bad guys, Evans pulls a "Godfather II" move by making a bigger, better and grander scale sequel.

Jakarta detective Rama, after his triumphant escape from the endless lowlife thugs and criminals in part one, finds that his success has gathered the attention of the powerful bad guys far up the ladder.

To keep his family safe and stop the growing corruption in his own department, Rama goes deep undercover in the crime syndicate, becoming a trusted ally to the Godfather of Jakarta crime.

Many action films have one or two great scenes. THE RAID 2 piles them back-to-back and wall-to-wall.

Some of the best car chases, martial arts fight scenes and endless battles ever put on film will knock you out.

Imagine the Kill Bill scene with The Bride against the Crazy 88s and blow it up to ten times its scale, now put a dozen of those throughout and you have this brilliant action sequel.

Violent, incredible and one wild ride, THE RAID 2 is like a great roller coaster you will want to ride again and again. Get in line people!

THE RAID 2 rocks its way to an A+.

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