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The Campaign

I wish I would have watched THE CAMPAIGN on election night 2012 instead of the results, I would have had a lot more laughs! Will Ferrell stars as long time, unchallenged congressman Cam Brady, a woman chasing, horrible voice mail leaving, nasty wreck of a man very comfortably set in his office. A big money corporation looking to relocate their Chinese manufacturing to his district need a patsy to unseat him. Their best choice is Marty Huggins, played hilariously by Zach Galifianakis. Marty defines socially awkward, is the most effeminate straight man on the planet and runs the local tourist office, but warms up pretty quickly to the business of being a candidate. Director Jay Roach (the Austin Powers films) unleashes his two stars in a solid and pretty funny game of comedy one-upmanship. There are NO boundaries of good taste here and some of the best moments are the foulest, including Ferrill's mistaken sex call to a conservative family, Marty's family's dinner table true confessions before they undergo media scrutiny and all of the debates in which they face each other. The supporting cast is hilarious, especially Jason Sudeikis as Cam's campaign manager, Dylan McDermott as manly Tim Wattley and Sarah Baker as Marty's wife Mitzi, a woman with a love for Drew Carey. We all laughed out loud quite a bit, through all the baby, pug, cow and candidate abuse. Not for the family, but definitely good for some laughs! The Campaign wins a solid B.

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