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The Avengers

What an EXCELLENT way to kickoff the 2012 Summer movie season! THE AVENGERS is excellent from start to finish. I was really wondering if Joss Whedon could juggle all these characters and do them justice in one film, and he's exceeded expectations.

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, IRONMAN is the hilarious core of the film, with Chris Evans in his second turn as CAPTAIN AMERICA (after last summer's great film of the same name) Mark Ruffalo as the screen's best HULK, Chris Hemsworth as THOR, Scarlett Johansson as the deadly BLACK WIDOW and Jeremy Renner as ARCHER form Marvel's THE AVENGERS.

Non-stop action, excitement and fun light up the screen as this team first meets, becomes a very disfunctional family and then teams up to defend the Earth against a nasty bunch of invaders.

Favorite bits: (no spoilers here) The Hulk's final battle with our main villain, almost any scene with Ruffalo as David Banner, the Galaga playing crew member, Ironman and Thor's battle in the woods and the entire last half hour New York City battle sequence.

I thought I was well past being surprised by weaponry, a battleship or hardware, but consider me pleasantly surprised!

The writing, special effects, direction, music and editing all come together here to create an excellent summer movie for the ages.

The Avengers is clever, action filled fun and gets an A!


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