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Step Brothers

Ten years after its release in 2008, STEP BROTHERS still stands as one of the funniest Will Ferrell comedies on record. Is there anyone better at playing a moron?

I think the only candidate for that must be John C. Reilly (Chicago, Talledega Nights), who goes toe to toe and testicles to drum set as the other half of this hilarious dip-shit duo.

Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) are two clueless, child-like man boys still living at home, absorbed in video games and living as teenagers well into middle age.

Their world is turned upside down when their parents meet and fall in love, merging families and these two hapless losers under one roof.

Dale's dad Dr Doback is played perfectly by Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water) as is Brennan's mom Nancy in the terrific form of Mary Steenburgen ( Time After Time, Curb Your Enthusiasm).

The scenario gives Ferrell and Reilly an enormous twisted playground to act out their juvenile bad boy fantasies against each other.

Foul mouthed, mean spirited and loaded with testosterone but not an ounce of brains, Dale and Brennan wage a hilarious war of isolation, escalating pranks and destruction that will leave you on the floor laughing.

That drum set will never be the same. Nor will the Catalina Wine Mixer, adolescent job interviews or sibling rivalry.

Adam Scott is Derek, the perfect older brother that's easy to detest. Kathryn Hahn (Bad Moms) is Derek's wife, trapped in a perfect marriage and blatently lusting after Dale.

Rob Riggle steals ever scene he's in as Randy, Derek's co-worker and suck up loaded with one-liners.

Seth Rogan is a Sporting Goods store manager that suffers through one of the boys hilarious job interviews, complete with Tuxedos and one step brother hiding behind the other, "Hello Miss Lady!"

Crude, lewd and hilarious, its a laugh assault from beginning to end. There's stupid comedy and then there's really well cast and perfectly executed physical and verbal assaults.

STEP BROTHERS rides Ferrell and Reilly's complete commitment to stupidity all the way to a B+. I'm still laughing about it...

"Did you touch my drum set? Why are you all sweaty?...I was watching Cops"....

[after hearing Brennan sing] "You have the voice of an angel. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus."

These two should make another comedy together soon! I'll be first in line.

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