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A fast, exciting World War II spy thriller, Hitchcock's 1942 SABOTEUR plants another everyman into a very bad situation, a Hitch specialty.

Robert Cummings is military plane factory worker Barry Kane, who finds himself on a coast-to-coast run to clear his name when a massive fire destroys the factory.

Accused of starting the fire and killing his best friend in the process, Kane pursues leads to find the Nazi arsonist that be literally bumped into just moments before the fire.

Along the way, Barry finds himself facing fascists of every variety, from socialites to farmers and a young woman, Pat (Priscilla Lane) who finds herself at Barry's side, but not always ON his side.

Hitchcock puts together some classic scenes in his first color and all English cast film, including the now legendary sequence inside and on top of the Statue of Liberty.

Only an all too fast resolution mars a very interesting film, laden with great dialogue that centers around patriotism and loyalty, a reflection of the film's 1942 release.

Saboteur twists and turns it's way to a B.

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