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The last 30 minutes of POMPEII has enough action, explosions and excellent special effects to almost make up for the hour of silly grade Z drama you have to endure to get to the good part.

Game of Thrones veteran Kit Harrington plays Milo, a slave from a young age who somehow manages to have perfect abs and well coiffed long hair that's never disturbed by volcanic activity or a good punch.

Kiefer Sutherland is horribly miscast as the new Roman leader visiting Pompeii. He gives it his all, but I kept wondering why Jack Bauer was wearing robes and eating grapes.

Carrie Anne Moss (The Matrix) and Emily Browning are our female stars. Suffice to say that Emily will soon be in love with the slave and desired by the Roman, because the script is so predictable that nothing else could possibly happen.

Director Paul Anderson (Resident Evil) has never made a movie I liked very much and his record is safe here.

The special effects are excellent, the rumbling and explosion of Vesuvius is spectacular and the last half hour is a terrific action movie.

However, like rushing for the boats in the harbor once the top of the volcano has blown off, its a case of too little, too late.

Pompeii is all BOOM and no talent.

The last half hour gets a B, the first hour a D, so we'll meet in the middle and give it a lava drenched C-.

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