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Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall

A fascinating documentary that captures Michael Jackson as he launches his solo career, MICHAEL JACKSON'S JOURNEY FROM MOTOWN TO OFF THE WALL is a fast and interesting documentary for all MJ fans.

Filmmaker Spike Lee does a great job interviewing celebrities, music industry folks and the Jackson family in his examination of the Jackson 5's massive popularity and Michael's decision to create his own solo album.

Some of the fairly recent history is shocking, as you see the Grammy's of the 80's give Michael an award during the commercials, driving his motivation to come back the following year "with the greatest album of all time" which he delivered the following year with "Thriller".

Lee serves up plenty of concert footage, in depth interviews, laughs and drama centering around this incredibly talented entertainer.

When you see the dedication to being "the best" that Michael had at 9 years old, his musical genius and the stories around Quincy Jones meeting Michael and their instant bond that would produce some of the greatest albums of all time, its obvious why MJ has become a legend.

Spike Lee has crafted a very entertaining look behind the scenes that rocks its way to a B.

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