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Love Actually

One of the best modern Christmas films, LOVE ACTUALLY bears viewing every year, delivering plenty of seasonal laughs, tears and smiles.

A massive cast portrays plenty of likable characters, including eight unique couples that eventually cross paths after a very eventful holiday season.

Hugh Grant is The Prime Minister, newly elected, single and attracted to his daffy new secretary Natalie (charming Marlene McCutcheon) who melts into profanity every time he's around.

Karen (Emma Thompson) is married to successful businessman Harry (Alan Rickman) whose power entices his assistant Mia far beyond flirtation.

Sarah (Laura Linney) has worked for Harry for years and is madly in love with co-worker Carl (Rodrigo Santoro). Everyone in the office knows it, but the two of them continue to dance all around their romance.

Meanwhile, Liam Neeson is Daniel, newly widowed, heartbroken and coaching his 11 year old stepson through his first love.

Colin Firth is a writer nursing a broken heart that falls for his housekeeper, even though neither of them can understand a word the other is saying.

Bill Nighy is hilarious as aging rockstar Billy Mack, whose self proclaimed money grab of a new Christmas song serves as a constant thread through the film.

Sprinkle in Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln (long before "The Walking Dead"!) and Rowan Atkinson, surround them with a sincere, funny and sweet screenplay by Richard Curtis, let him take the directing chair as he did with "Notting Hill" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and enjoy. It's incredible that he juggles this many stories and folks and draws you into nearly every tale.

Only one story thread, involving Martin Freeman as a stand-in working in the adult film industry, falls flat, feeling forced in from another, much less classy film. But its a minor misstep in an otherwise flawless film.

Hugh Grant's never been more charming. His scenes sparring with American President Billy Bob Thornton are excellent.

This is a fun film no matter how many times you've seen it. It will tug your heart while making you laugh out loud.

After enjoying these folks for a couple hours, you really will believe that love IS all around you and that there's NO better time than Christmas to share those feelings.

This romantic comedy is a modern classic and gets an A.

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