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An interesting 85 minute character study, LOCKE features only one actor on screen in his BMW, talking on his cell to all the key people in his life on one VERY eventful night.

The night before the biggest concrete pour in UK history, construction supervisor Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) gets in his car and begins a 90 minute drive to London on which he will be on one phone call after another.

Ivan experiences every drama you can imagine in his work life and marriage during those calls.

His motivation to get in the car and make that drive begins a chain reaction of calls that build on each other and turn his world upside down.

Tom Hardy is powerful as Locke and that's a good thing, as you are basically watching one man talk on his wireless cell in his car for a very long drive.

I couldn't imagine going in how this could hold my interest and be anything but boring, but Hardy's performance drew me in and you end up hanging on each conversation as every part of his life seems to collide at once.

While I can't call it a thriller, it is well done and holds your interest as you become more and more invested in Locke and the people in his life who keep calling (again and again).

Like a well scripted one man play on film, LOCKE is an interesting and unique experience that's worth your time.

We'll give it a B.

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