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Joe Kidd

Back in 1972, between making "Dirty Harry" and "High Plains Drifter", Clint Eastwood starred in the traditional western, JOE KIDD.

Eastwood is a former bounty hunter who has settled down but is reluctantly called back into service by rich land baron Frank Harlan, well played by the always reliable Robert Duvall.

Mexican outlaw Luis Chalma (strangely cast John Saxon) is inspiring his people to ignore US laws and take back their land and Harlan is committed to killing him by any means necessary.

As Kidd is dragged into the conflict between the two, he discovers good and bad in both.

Luckily, there are plenty of gunfights to spice up the conflict and Lalo Schifrin's unusual Western music score to keep things moving.

By the time Eastwood decides to drive a locomotive right off its tracks and into the town, you'll most likely be saddled up for the ride.

Middle of the road Eastwood, a bit slow but pretty entertaining, we'll give it a B-.

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