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Incredibles 2

14 years after Brad Bird's brilliant original superhero hit, he brought the team back for more in INCREDIBLES 2.

Exciting, funny and a blast for the whole family, this is how you deliver a sequel!

While Helen/Elastigirl is enticed back to the superhero business by a massive corporation looking to put superheroes back on the map, Bob/Mr. Incredible stays home to play Mr. Mom to the kids.

That's tough enough with any bunch of kids, but even more brutal when they're all gifted with some pretty sweet powers. Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack manage to all add plenty of laughs.

Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad) is wealthy sponsor Winston Deaver and he's got big plans to have Elastigirl make heroes marketable again.

Villain Screenslaver has other plans though, hypnotizing citizens to put the masses in peril.

Just as he did in the original, Bird stages the action scenes on a huge scale, with the digital animation and sound teams working at the top of their game. This one looks amazing and sounds fantastic.

Bird's screenplay also rises above the animated format, creating plenty of hilarious moments that actors Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson bring to life as Mr & Mrs I.

Samuel L. Jackson is back as Lucius/Frozone and Catherine Keener (Get Out) brings the goods as Deaver's sister Evelyn, who bonds with Helen.

The opening scene with The Underminer, the elevated speed train sequence and the finale aboard Deaver's mega yacht are all highlights for all ages and perfectly accompanied by Michael Giacchino's ever present big orchestra, action score.

With a $200 million budget and over $1.2 Billion at the box office, let's hope we get another adventure in less than the 14 year span before part two!

With its 1964 setting, inside references to "Broadcast News" and nice tributes to "Johnny Quest" and "The Twilight Zone", there's plenty to enjoy for the old kids in the audience.

For family fun, it doesn't get much better than INCREDIBLES 2. It gets an A.

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