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I Am Chris Farley

Along with John Belushi and John Candy, Chris Farley was one of my favorite TV/Screen comedians. Like Belushi, his drug addiction demons got the best of him far too early in life, as detailed in the entertaining biography I AM CHRIS FARLEY.

Clips and narration show you Farley from childhood though his school years and his comedy start at Chicago's Second City.

A huge cavalcade of comedy stars, from Dan Aykroyd, Adam Sandler and Jon Lovitz to Farley's frequent partner David Spade detail the life of a very sweet man that was always "on" for fans and loved ones, while battling a strong addiction to drugs that quickly escalates on the same rocket-like trajectory as his fame.

There are plenty of excellent clips of Farley in all the skits and films you love best, along with fascinating video from Second City, where he created Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker and many other big, enjoyable characters.

As the comedians express both admiration for his talent and frustration with his addictions, a sad but familiar story emerges that we have seen so many times with hilarious people that have a very dark side.

Farley seems more lovable than most, and this entertaining look at the man and his career is both fun and compelling.

I wish this funny man was still "livin' in a VAN, down by the river!"

Nobody did it better.

This tribute to Chris gets a B.

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