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Hobbs & Shaw

It's probably time to admit that I have never seen a Fast and Furious movie. Just haven't cared or had any interest until the last few when they started grossing over a Billion dollars each at the box office.

I may need to rethink my position after enjoying the pure popcorn madness and fun of FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS HOBBS & SHAW.

Watching Dwayne Johnson's massive, down-to-Earth Hobbs verbally spar with Jason Statham's fussy, elitist Shaw, I felt like I was watching a $200 million dollar, testosterone laden remake of "The Odd Couple".

They're hilarious throughout.

Jason Statham showed us all he could do comedy as an arrogant agent in Melissa McCarthy's hilarious film "SPY" and he's basically playing the same character here, spiced up with incredible action scenes.

Idris Elba is terrific as the villain you'll love to hate, Brixton, a genetically engineered superhero come to life.

Vanessa Kirby (Mission Impossible: Fallout) kicks serious ass as Shaw's sister Hattie and Helen Mirren pulls out her comic chops as Shaw's jail-bound mum.

With a $200 million budget, HOBBS & SHAW delivers great looking sets, MASSIVE action set pieces and plenty to enjoy.

Elba's Brixton is basically a great Bond villain dropped into a more comedic adventure. Johnson has never been more likable, especially when he's forced to return to his family in Samoa for reinforcements against the Superman like bad guy.

Statham steals every scene he's in, managing to keep a straight face as his dapper Shaw taunts Hobbs everyman hero.

The fight scenes are perfectly staged, brutal and exciting. A car/motorcycle chase early in the film with Hobbs, Shaw and Hattie jammed into a stunning McLaren is fantastic.

Ryan Reynolds pops in and out for even more comic relief as a CIA agent desperate for Hobbs' approval. Reynolds comic timing is flawless.

I had a blast at HOBBS & SHAW. It's as believable as a Roadrunner cartoon and moves at the same manic pace. For pure entertainment, I haven't had a better time in an action movie in recent memory.

HOBBS & SHAW makes me want to see more of these movies. Fast & Furious fans, should I watch them all from the beginning, or which ones are your favorites?

HOBBS & SHAW explodes and laughs its way to a solid B.

(ALIEN fans: watch Elba's logos on his fighting suit for the Weyland logo, a fun reference to his role in Prometheus. If any evil corporation was going to create cyber-genetically enhanced super bad guys, Weyland is the right group eh?)

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