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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Sitting down to watch GI JOE RETALIATION is like going to McDonald's. You know exactly what you're going to get, it's not going to make you think too much, but if it's cooked pretty well, you walk away happy.

This is a double quarter-pounder of an action film, jam packed with a beefed up cast of heroes New (Channing Tatum) Current (Duane THE ROCK Johnson) and Old (Bruce Willis, who never seems to age).

The plot is just a skeleton to hang some excellent action set pieces on and they are done very well, including enough missiles, bullets, swords and fists to fill three films.

If you are still worried about the plot, don't be, you wont have anytime to even think about it between action scenes, laughs and abs.

Byung-hun Lee is a huge star in Korea and you can see why here, he's got great screen presence and blows everybody off the screen.

There is a 15 minute sequence on top and on the sides of a huge mountain lair that makes absolutely no sense, but is undeniably spectacular as the good guys and bad guys swing back and forth on the mountainside like some dangling jousting competition. Like the rest of the movie, it doesn't make a lick of sense, but I'll be damned if its not a lot of fun to watch.

This might also go down in film history as the only cast to feature both James Carville and RZA.

Check your brain at the door and buckle up for fun. We'll give this a loud, explosive B. (and for the third time, if you go in looking for the plot, you are so gonna hate this thing.....)

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