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For Your Consideration

From the minds of Christopher Guest and his fantastic improvising troupe of regulars that brought you "Best In Show" and "A Mighty Wind" comes "For Your Consideration", a hilarious look at the film industry.

While filming a small, independent film called "Home for Purim", the three main actors find themselves in the middle of Oscar buzz around their performances.

As their heads swell and the production goes from unknown indie to much talked about hot property, this perceptive comedy skewers everyone involved, from the writers and director to entertainment shows.

Guest is hilarious director Jay Berman, encouraging constant improvisation, much to the horror of the film's writers.

Catherine O'Hara is excellent as our lead actress Marilyn Hack, whose last name describes her talent level. As Marilyn suddenly becomes a hot property according to the daily gossip and Variety, the changes in her are hilarious.

Harry Shearer is Victor Alan Miller, better known for his hot dog commercials than his film roles. Eugene Levy is his agent Morley, the worst agent in town on a very hot streak.

Mix in Parker Posey, Ed Begley Jr and the always reliable Fred Willard as the most passive aggressive entertainment reporter in TV history and get ready to laugh.

Perhaps not as consistently funny as some of the ensembles other films, maybe because the film industry seems so ripe for the ribbing, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION is a fun and touching 90 minutes that will make you smile; it gets a B.

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