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Between filming his third and fourth Bond films, "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker", Roger Moore starred in this offbeat, fun and exciting thriller called FFOLKES.

Moore plays against nearly every OO7 trait in the title role. He can't stand women, loves cats and finds that the best way to think while dealing with terrorists is to crochet a giant kitten picture. Moore is damn funny and has a blast playing the anti-Bond. Where he DOES seem a bit like his more famous character is in his actions sequences. Ffolkes leads a team of anti-terrorist divers who find themselves in the thick of the action when bad guys wire three oil rigs with explosives. With threats to blow up all three and cripple Her Majesty's oil production for many years unless millions in ransom are paid in 24 hours, Ffolkes must stop them in time.

The villains are lead by Kramer, played at full throttle by Anthony Perkins. Imagine his Norman Bates portrayal jacked up on Red Bull and you get the picture. He's assisted by Michael Parks, sporting the thickest glasses ever worn by a bad guy.

James Mason is terrific as an Admiral who questions Ffolkes methods and David Hedison re-teams with Moore after "Live and Let Die" as one of the good guys.

It's all very quirky and more than a little fun, keeping you on the edge of your seat while providing some nice laughs a long the way.

I wonder if the poster artists were just a LITTLE inspired by the official artwork for "Diamonds Are Forever"? Yeah, a bit more than a little, I'd say.

Ffolkes is a fun little thriller and gets a B.

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