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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

One of Woody Allen's goofiest and most inconsistent films of the seventies, 1972's EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX* is goofy fun, but pretty tame some 40 years later!

Seven different comic segments, chapter topics from the famous book of the same name, show Woody and a funny cast exploring a wide range of topics.

The highlights (or lowlights depending on your personal sense of humor) are Gene Wilder as Doctor Ross, who falls in love with a sheep named Daisy and the final segment showing what happens inside a man's brain and body as he prepares to be amorous.

Tony Randall is in charge of the brain, with Burt Reynolds, Woody Allen and a funny cast playing different parts of the body to very funny effect.

Like some of Monty Python's films (The Life of Brian comes to mind) the whole affair is hit or miss, hilarious when it's on target and mildly amusing when it isn't.

The vignette with the mad scientist letting a 40' tall breast loose to attack people on the countryside defies description, but has more than a couple good laughs, especially when the boob goes on the attack.

Goofy, silly, very hit and miss.

We'll give this Woody a C.

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