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Everything or Nothing

A great new documentary celebrating the 50th Anniversary of James Bond, EVERYTHING OR NOTHING delves deep into the creativity and legacy of author Ian Fleming and 007 film producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.

As a huge Bond fan, this documentary was a treasure trove of rare footage, unseen interviews and behind-the-scenes 007 stories.

Featuring new interviews with all the Bonds except for Sean Connery, it's fascinating to hear their different takes on the role that made them famous.

Connery comes off as a very bitter and selfish man and George Lazenby is incredibly likeable and self-effacing in describing how he self sabotaged the role after his only film, the excellent Oh Her Majesty's Secret Service. Roger Moore is good humored, honest and revealing, Timothy Dalton is much lighter than you'd think and Pierce Brosnan is smooth, gracious and thrilled about his decade as Bond.

Daniel Craig brings the same intelligence, intensity and humor to the interviews that he does as the current 007.

Filled with interviews, clips, music, news footage and loads of all things Bond, this is a great doc for all fans.

Producers Broccoli and Saltzman created their company with the initials EON, signifying that they would give it Everything or Nothing in bringing James Bond to the screen.

By the end of this interesting documentary, you'll be convinced they meant it, resulting in the longest running film series in history.

With Skyfall now the biggest 007 film ever, passing $1.1 billion at the box office, it appears Bond (and Diamonds) ARE forever.

A clever, detailed documentary we'll shoot an A.

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