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Reinventing the 80's sex comedy's like "Porky's" but flipping them on their heads for today's perspective, BLOCKERS delivers plenty of raunchy laughs.

When three sets of parents find out their daughters all plan to lose their virginity on prom night, they mobilize into action to stop them at all costs. Well, at least two of them do.

Single mom Lisa (Leslie Mann), hilariously emotional Mitchell (John Cena) and divorced absentee Dad Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) hit the road together to track down the girls.

Mann and Cena are damn funny as they go into war mode to stop their daughters, while Barinholtz provides a lot of laughs and some heart as he wrestles with supporting her or panicking.

First time director Kay Cannon wrote the Pitch Perfect movies and brings a lot of fun, cranking up the humor to definite R-rated levels.

The three girls are all well cast, with Kathryn Newton (Three Billboards, Big Little Lies) leading the pack, the hilarious Geraldine Viswanathan at her side and Gideon Adlon in perfect eye rolling mode.

This is one of those modern comedies where the physical comedy escalates into both raunch and improbable levels of absurdity, but there are plenty of laughs.

It sinks into a finale that feels a bit too schmaltzy and "lets wrap up a sitcom episode in 5 minutes" familiar, but Cena and Mann are at the top of their comedy game and Gary Cole (Veep, Office Space) provides some very adult laughs as the parents come full circle with their parents.

Not for the easily offended, BLOCKERS is a funny, lightweight throwback to those frank 80's sex comedies like "Risky Business" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Bachelor Party".

Not good enough to be mentioned alongside the first two of those, its still funny enough to get a B-.

You'll never think of Hide & Seek in quite the same way again...LOL

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