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Beauty and the Beast

One of the best family films I've seen in a long time, Disney's 2017 live-action re imagining of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is terrific.

Having seen the original many times in Jessi's younger years, I thought the music would hold up, but was surprised how perfectly created the sets and characters were executed.

Emma Watson (Harry Potter films) is a great Belle, Kevin Kline fleshes out the character of her inventor Father and Luke Evans (The Girl On The Train) is a terrific Gaston.

Once Belle ends up in the castle, an all star cast including Ian Mckellen, Emma Thompson and Ewan McGregor knock it out of the park as the characters we all know.

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) is a terrific beast, with special effects rendering a very fierce manimal.

Disney spared no expense, throwing $160 million at the project and showing every dollar on screen. The effects, cast, sets, costumes, special effects and music are all first class.

Whether you're reliving the earlier version with your family or discovering it for the first time with grand-kids (or just your inner kid), this is excellent film making.

Josh Gad, who we saw in "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway, brings the same comic timing to his role as LeFou. All the controversy around the film around Disney somehow pushing a gay agenda with the film is unfounded. You're going to have to look very closely to find anything but a pleasant message of inclusion in this tale as old as time.

With over a half a billion dollars at the box office, this was a crowdpleaser of the highest order. Look for it to rake in plenty of dough as fans buy it for repeat viewing at home.

The photography is terrific, giving our 4K Sony a workout and providing plenty of jaw dropping visuals.

Theatre fans will enjoy Audra McDonald's presence and voice as well.

This is a terrific movie for the entire family and gets an appreciative A.

If you're one of the few who haven't seen it by now, go ahead! Be....our......guest.....

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