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Bad Grandpa

If you like your comedy completely inappropriate and envelope pushing, BAD GRANDPA should make you laugh a lot, I sure did.

Johnny Knoxville adds some great makeup and becomes 87 year old reluctant grandpa Irving Zisman. Irving finds himself with an unlikely cross country companion in his 8 year old grandson Billy, played by the hilarious Jackson Nicoll.

Like a modern day adult Candid Camera, BAD GRANDPA puts these two in a lot of hilarious places with unsuspecting folks caught with hidden cameras reacting to our odd couple.

The scenes at Irving's wife's funeral are laugh-out-loud uncomfortable, but are soon topped by Irving's encounters with a troop of male strippers and a seriously perverted take on a child beauty contest.

Young Jackson Nicoll is fall-over-laughing funny as Billy and he and Knoxville never break character as they trap a whole lot of people in some very awkward situations. The fact that the two actually make you care about these two characters by the end of the film is quite a surprise.

VERY adult, nasty, rude and funny, Bad Grandpa made me laugh out loud a lot and squirm even more. Can't wait to see these two again, please Paramount, get us The Return of Bad Grandpa asap. Not for the easily offended.

Laughed my way to a very solid capital B. The beauty pageant scene alone is worth the price of admission!

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