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Arachnophobia is an 8 legged summer hit from 1990. Directed by long-time Spielberg producer Frank Marshall and produced by Steve himself, its a lightweight thriller with some fun jolts and set pieces.

Jeff Daniels stars as a doctor leaving the big city for small town life. His arrival coincides with the arrival of a stowaway giant poisonous spider from an expedition in South America. Setting up its nest in Daniels barn, the spiders start to take over the town with a very nasty lethal bite. Some of the supporting cast, including Julian Sands and Henry Jones are fun and John Goodman is a highlight as an exterminator who is an apparent lost twin to Bill Murray's Carl in Caddyshack. Lightweight, OK with mechanical special effects that look AWFUL dated since the advent of CGI, Arachophobia spins a harmless and average web. We'll spin it a C.

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