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All of Me

Steve Martin delivers a master class in physical comedy in 1984's ALL OF ME.

Martin is lawyer Roger Cobb, anxious to move up the corporate ladder and finally given his opportunity when assigned the will of obnoxious millionairess Edwina Cutwater.

Lily Tomlin is terrific as Edwina, spewing venom and sarcasm in her final days, while devising a new age plan to move her soul to another body.

Victoria Tennant is the beautiful young women she has in mind, but wacky guru Prahka Lasa (Richard Libertini at his hilarious best) goofs and Edwina's soul moves into half of Roger's body.

It's not a body switch, its a very funny merger, with Edwina controlling one side of Roger's body. Martin nails every movement and Director Carl Reiner (The Jerk) makes a great choice in letting us hear Edwina's voice inside Roger's head.

Tomlin's always been a terrific verbal comic, spilling rapid fire dialogue as she finds herself horrified to be trapped inside a man. "I can't believe this, I can't even die right!"

Martin said this was the first film he made with a traditional story and a real character that had a brain. It was his fourth and last film working with Reiner after "The Jerk", "The Man With Two Brains" and "Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid". He's right, Roger is the first one with a brain!

The 80's brick phones and wardrobe add some unexpected chuckles, but Martin & Tomlin's comedy remains timeless.

Fast & fun, it will leave you grinning.

ALL OF ME gets a B.

Libertini (Fletch, The In-Laws) damn near steals the movie. "Backinbowl. Backinbowl."

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