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Airplane 2: The Sequel

After the original AIRPLANE movie hit theatres and made a bundle, Paramount was anxious to crank out a sequel. The original writers, the Zuckers & Abrahams wanted nothing to do with the sequel, so of course Paramount turned to...Ken Finkleman. Having worked with them on the disaster that was 'Grease 2", they decided he was their man.

Let's call it the Finkleman curse, cause AIRPLANE 2 is another stinker. When the funniest parts of a sequel are the flashbacks to the original, you know you're in trouble. There are a couple funny moments, including Jack Jones appearance singing the theme from The Love Boat outside the mental institution and Wiliam Shatner's entire appearance in the climax but most of the movie is misfire after misfire with lame wordplay and visual gags built on the first movie. This time, it's a space shuttle instead of a plane and Sonny Bono is a mad bomber. From the original cast, only Lloyd Bridges knocks it out of the park. If you look up "unnecessary sequel" in the dictionary, it must surely show a pic of this poster. The last scene of the movie says "Coming Soon from Paramount, AIRPLANE 3!" we are 30 years later, but thankfully NO ONE is waiting after this stinker.....Airplane II crashes with a D.

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