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About A Boy

Clever, interesting and funny, 2002's ABOUT A BOY is a perfect Hugh Grant vehicle.

Grant stars as Will Freeman, a spoiled young man who has never had to work a day in his life thanks to song royalties from his father.

He lives a perfect life, surrounded by every comfort, gadget and trend he can find. He's arrogant, closed off and blessedly shallow.

When Will meets single mom Fiona (Toni Collette) and her 12 year old son Marcus (the excellent Nicholas Hoult), he is at first annoyed, then challenged, then unexpectedly, something more.

Fiona suffers from depression and Marcus is an independent, quirky and intelligent boy, filled with all the confidence that Fiona lacks.

As Will gets to know them better and becomes more involved in their lives, he begins to question the purpose of his own days.

It's a credit to the directors Chris and Paul Weitz, carving out their best film here, that the story never seems forced.

Will's growing awareness of who he is seems natural, gradual and real. So many films show people that change overnight into new people, but all our characters here show arcs that feel like real life.

This is arguably also Grant's best performance, showing nuance and depth that goes beyond his usual winning screen presence.

Funny and touching, ABOUT A BOY is about perfect and gets an A.

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